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Lina Ragin is the founder and CEO of A.I.R.E academy. Originally from the Bronx, NY, Lina has worked as both a teacher and administrator for 18 years. Her passion lies with helping students expand their visionof their potential futures and create life goals. A.I.R.E Academy hopes to provide rigorous academic material, creative experiences and opportunities and connections in the real world to uncover and enhance their passions.  She currently lives in Virginia Beach, VA providing educational services and support from homeschooling to coordinating programs in Norfolk and Portsmouth Public Schools. 

A - Authenticity

Empower students to embrace their authentic selves and find their true passions.


I - Identity

Create strong foundations in the development of self through reflective academic content and extra curricular activities. 


R - Rigor

Provide accelerated challenging curriculum that promotes conceptual understanding, analysis and critical thinking skills. 


E - Experience

Open pathways for new experiences and travel to increase life experiences and broaden social and cultural understanding. 


  • We believe that all kids and families deserve access to opportunity pathways through a high quality education and empowering environment,  regardless of socio-economic background. 

  • We believe that exploring one’s identity during critical developmental stages are necessary to truly build towards an authentic fulfilling future and break generational trauma/cycles.

  • We believe that experiential learning leads to critical thinking, higher emotional intelligence, growth mindsets and well roundedness in our student body. 

  • We believe that the student voice is at the center of learning.