Accelerated Curriculum



Our educational approach is best described as a hybrid of traditional, PBL, and Constructivist (inquiry based learning).


Students will engage with core subjects (Literature & Writing, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies) in 90 min intervals in a class with a 10:1 ratio. Using the backward design method, lessons will build towards a clear goals based in skill development, content connection and bridging gaps through acceleration. 


Students will be able to participate in a variety of cross curricular projects and attend content related field studies. 

Leadership Development

In our Leadership units, students will be studying a variety of world leaders and analyzing the context for some of the most impactful decisions were made.


The essential question for the leadership study is: What are the qualities of great leadership and what role do ethics and m orality play in teh creation of great leaders?


Students will be asked to consider the issue at hand, the ethical implications of options, and debate the ultimate efficiency of the decision made as well as the morality of it. 



Community Engagement



Community Engagement is key to the success of our school. We will engage with the community in mainly two ways. 


Community service projects will be a foundational piece to the curriculum. In groups of 5 students will identify an issue or concern within their community. They will then research throughout the year ways to potential solve the issues and learn the legal permissions and avenues to bring about change. 


Visiting artists and leaders will be the second avenue for community engagement. We see the rich history and culture in Virginia as a living classroom and want to expose the students.  Students will study and take classes from local artists in a variety of crafts to expand their exposure and impact their passion choices.